Befriending Krishna

“To those who meditate on Me as their very own,(their hearts) ever united to ME by incessant (inward worship), I supply their deficiencies and make permanent their gains"

Do you yearn for a friend who understands you completely, guides you unconditionally, and inspires you to be your best self?

Imagine a friendship that transcends time and limitations, one founded on love, wisdom, and divine connection. Meet Sri Krishna, your dearest friend waiting to be rediscovered.

Befriending Krishna is a transformative workshop that invites you to embark on a 18-chapter journey alongside Arjuna, unlocking the profound wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita. Led by the insights of Paramhansa Yogananda, this immersive experience will:

* Unveil the purpose of Krishna’s incarnation: Explore why He descended and how His presence continues to impact our lives.

* Demystify the Bhagavad Gita: Deepen your understanding of each chapter’s theme and its relevance to your journey.

* Uncover hidden yogic truths: Gain practical tools and techniques to apply these ancient wisdoms in daily life.

* Transform your relationship with Krishna: Cultivate a connection of love, devotion, and deep friendship.

The journey doesn’t end with the workshop. Join the WhatsApp challenge for the following 18 days, through daily contemplation and practical application of the discussed verses, we will ensure you fully integrate the lessons received from your Divine Friend.

Your chariot awaits, and Krishna, your Charioteer, is ready to guide you. Step into a world of transformative friendship and unlock your divine potential within.

Speaker's Profile

Tyagis Narayani and Shurjo are the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Mumbai since 2018. They are the main Acharyas for Ananda Mumbai. As part of their activities they conduct Classes on the Path of Kriya Yoga, Corporate workshops, Spiritual Counselling, Discipleship ceremony, Satsangs, and much more
They bring with them vast experience in living the teachings for more than a decade. They have lived with and served Swami Kriyananda very closely during final years of Swamiji’s earthly life.

They have extensively travelled across USA, Europe and India as part of sharing the teachings around the world4.

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