Chitra Subramaniam
Ananda is my safe place of love & purity,
my home away from home, and my door way to God!!! Ananda has helped me
understand myself better has brought a subtle and
many huge changes where there is much less fear, anxiety and I am much happier now
– Vice President, Kross Pictures & Production

Yogesh Thakur
Ananda is an extension of my family.
I have never once felt afraid during the lockdown. I have been able to calmly do my duty to provide for my family and have been able to maintain a cheerful disposition throughout. I give full credit to my correct attitudes to my Guru’s teachings and Kriya meditation.

– Owner , Goldmine Finance

Mitesh Karia
I experience joy and friendship every time I come to Ananda, which is not just a physical place but a spiritual lifestyle. I was able to embrace lockdown with enthusiasm thanks to these teachings and Narayani Shurjo.I have been able to develop inner faith, which helps me to live with the principle – “whatever comes of itself, let it come”
. – Senior VP ,Credit Agricole Bank

Prajakta Tendulkar
Ananda means Gratitude, Happiness, Peace, Joy, Health, Upliftment of our soul. It’s heaven on our Mother Earth where we find our Masters ,Guru and God. Kriya yoga and meditation is the best gift I have received in this life time .This is like my daily food, at the particular time my body gives me alarm… Time for Meditation .It has made me more kind, generous towards others.
– Owner , Sara’s Enterprises

Sarvottama Nigam
Meditation and Kriya Yoga helped me dealing with lockdown uncertainty, and confusion.Daily meditation with my Ananda family and doses of positivity and inspiration from the brilliant FB sessions by Narayani and Shurjo helped me to cast aside the negativity in the external environment and focus on finding inner peace and joy. Listening to Swamiji’s music through the day was so blissful .
– Ex-Banker , Homemaker

Rajiv Yadav
Ananda to me is my family. Its a heaven on
earth for souls who congregate here in search
of truth with a common objective, which is to
seek and serve.Meditation has been a complete turnaround for me, both personally and spiritually. On personal and professional front, I am more calm. On spiritual front, I have found answers to many of my questions. I feel am at home..
. – Manager , TCS

Ruchit Gyani
Ananda is a way of life. The teachings that it has provided me makes me indebted to it.
I love Ananda and people around here.
Kriya yoga and meditation have had a great impact on my life. With the blessings and guidance of master and through the technique of meditation I got 92% in boards.
– Student

Shriya Bagalkar
Its a place that completely changes your consciousness the minute you step in. It makes you forget your personal worries and gives you hope ,
where with love and warmth everyone greets you makes you believe that you have known them since forever and thats what makes it feel like HOME.

– Student

Arko Ganguly
This is where I learnt to stop and appreciate the world. To care less and let the currents guide me.
Sounds dreamy for sure, but well, that is what I always hoped for. Dreams to be true!Strangely, I find myself busier than before lockdown! How amazing it is to see things change when you stop worrying!
– Musician

Arundhati Ghosh
Ananda is a place of pure, unadulterated joy.
It has taught me what it means to have a portable paradise within oneself – to stay amidst chaos, but be aware of the inner haven of peace within. What true friendship is, I have learnt at Ananda.
– HR Professional

Megha Dawagni
Ananda is a place full of positive vibrations of spirituality inclined people. This is the place which has helped me change my perspective towards life and have a positive and open outlook towards everything that comes along.
– Business Technologist, Investment Bank

Sejal Vashi
Kriya Yoga and meditation has shown me the way to put life in perspective and find happiness and joy in little things. I now go on with my life with a constant glow in my heart and a sense of deep positivity and Joy..
– Market Research Professional

Santosh Shukla
Mediation and Energization exercises has helped me to have better self control and calm my mind in all situations that I face and has also helped me to seek the truth which I had been yearning for since my childhood.

Niyati Dave
Ananda is home which transmutes and prepares me every single day to reach the destination of Self
discovery. I have become
more tolerant and
solution oriented and joyful..
– Former Research Analyst

Nilima Rege
Being in Ananda has helped me maintaining high levels of energy and willingness to take on what comes my way daily. Faith that a higher power guides, protects and strengthens me. It has helped me being Joyful and peaceful always..
– Former Preschool teacher

From the Heart

Testimonials from Truth-Seekers

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I have a strong belief that in giving you receive immeasurably. Ananda has helped me receive my true inner self.
I see many positive changes in my life since I began making contributions. It opened up multifolds areas of opportunities at work, and above all, peace, happiness and contentment in my life. It has helped me unlock and unleash my true potential and destiny with greater Joy…
– Devotee, Mumbai

To me “tithing” is the placing of your trust on GOD rather than money. Initially I started this as an inspiration to help my Gurus’ work, but as I began to experience so many positive effects, I continued with the practice. It has greatly helped me to reduce my dependency on money. I am now much happier and content in what ever I receive as income. I also started getting monetory benefits from unexpected avenues. My income increased manyfolds, which I beleive is all the grace of the Gurus.
– RR , Mumbai

Teachings of Shri Paramhansa Yogananda have touched & transformed every aspect of my life, asking nothing in return except that we remain our own best friend. So it was with deep gratitude that I started donating and then tithing. At first it was a form of Energy Exchange, but now it is more about joyfully participating in the flow of Energy & Grace from the Masters to this World. The best thing I have received is Joy of being part of this great flow of benediction to this world.
– AT , Mumbai

Inspiration for Tithing has come from the way Ananda has transformed my life positively. How could I not give anything back to this movement and do my bit to ensure that it reaches countless other.I have received back far more than what my earlier worldly ambitions could ever provide for, and even that is an understatement. I am sharing this only to provide the right inspiration for tithing, please do not however take to it with a “transactional attitude” as it will defeat the purpose!
– MK , Mumbai

Ananda’s teachings changed my life forever. With the Joy I felt here, there came the deep inspiration to support the work that has the potential to enrich so many lives. As I started serving more and more, through monetary and non-monetary seva, it filled me with an expansive feeling and immense inner happiness. After a while it no longer felt like a contribution, it felt like a partnership with our Gurus and Swamiji, and I have never looked back since…
– R P , Mumbai

Testimonials from Supporting Members

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Ila Mishra
Meditation and Kriya Yoga has brought many positive changes in my life. I feel lighter about the cares of the world and I smile more and
feel Joyful
– Content Specialist

Sejal Vashi
Meditation has helped me know myself better. I also have a place I can go to whenever
I am stressed or worried. And I come back rejuvenated.
– Market Research Professional

Arundhati Ghosh
Meditation has helped me in having super high energy levels, a perfect attunement with my higher self, increased self awareness. I feel more relaxed and content within myself.
– HR Professional

Yogesh Thakur
Kriya Yoga has made me realize and feel the subtle energies that lie within.
It has brought me closer to my Gurus
whose blessings
flow with great power with regular practice.
– Owner , Goldmine Finance

Dr Tapasya
Kriya yoga and meditation has really transformed my life.The experience makes me want to meditate more..And I need less from the outer world…
The treasure and truth of teachings brings me great
– Dentist

Gopi Gyani
Kriya yoga and meditation has helped me control my anger, it’s almost gone. After practicing meditation I feel that master works with me
continuously and
helps me fulfill all my wishes.
– Homebaker

Sarvottama Nigam
Ananda is home. It’s where I can be my true self. It’s where I feel most happy and safe and free from the challenges of daily life. Ananda is for me a source of knowledge, peace and joy.
– Ex – Banker, Homemaker

Sejal Vashi
Ananda is home. It’s where I can be my true self. It’s where I feel most happy and safe and free from the challenges of daily life. Ananda is for me a source of knowledge, peace and joy.
– Market Research Professional

Ila Mishra
Ananda is a supportive and calm environment to learn and practice meditation. It’s not just the environment but the energy that fundamentally changes you.
– Content Specialist