Environment is stronger than will power !
— Paramhansa Yogananda



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Satsang gives us the opportunity to come together with like-minded people, sharing together in the blessings of divine friendship and the joy of uplifted company. As part of our satsangs we offer

  • Discourses on a wide variety of relevant spiritual topics 
  • Chanting 
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations and 
  • Readings from the Gita or Bible. 

These satsangs are followed by aarti and a blessing by Acharyas and end with the joyful sharing of prasad.

What is a Satsang?

The word satsang is a Sanskrit word which literally translates into ‘sat’ meaning truth and ‘sang’ meaning company. Loosely put together it means ‘being in the company of saints’.

In his discourse on the Importance of Satsang Swami Kriyananda mentions that Satsang is

  1. Fellowship in God – Keeping satsang first with God at all times and then include everybody in it.
  2. Fellowship in Meditation – The Guru is the most important companion of all. In his company there is a real vibration of love, peace and blessings for self-realization.
  3. Fellowship in Truth seekers – Keeping company of those who believe in God or whose ideals are the same.

Why Are Satsangs Important?

Since ancient times, our elders have emphasized the importance of satsang. But why are they so important? A devotee who meditates regularly or is in tune with God, develops his/her own magnetism. When devotees meet, or meditate together an exchange of magnetism takes place. So, the kind of people you mix with helps to determine the kind of person you are and helps your spiritual development. Swami Kriyananda said that, “The level of our consciousness is affected by the level of the consciousness of others. Don’t underplay the influence of spiritual people. Knowing people who are friends in God – people can be a sadhana for you.”

  • chanting Chanting by Tyagis Narayani & Shurjo
  • Discourse by Asha Nayaswami
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Joyful Sewa together
  • Bonding with Like Minded People

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