Ananda Sangha Mumbai offers corporate workshops based on the nonsectarian principles of yoga and meditation. The scientific tools and techniques shared in these programs help the individual tap into their innate potential for success and happiness.

Energy is the key to success in all endeavours and the ability to increase and better direct our life-force (energy) forms the bedrock of these programs.

These workshops will help employees (and students):

  • Better manage stress
  • Work more efficiently
  • Be cooperative and participative team members
  • Balance and improve their work and home relationships
  • Make clear and effective decisions
  • Better lead and inspire others
  • Stay joyful and clam under all circumstances

We also offer these workshops and programs for Schools and Colleges.

Choose between our standard training modules or help us design one based on your specific needs.
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Stress Management Workshop at SBI Main Branch, 4th May 2019.
“The workshop was well appreciated by the SBI Team and they acknowledged the approach to optimum work-life balance and healthy Life.”

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