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Ananda  Sangha Mumbai is a part of the global spiritual movement called Ananda Sangha Worldwide.Founded in 1969 by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda,Ananda is committed to helping people live in Joy!
From peace, calmness and stress-free living to the lofty peaks of Liberation and Moksha, the teachings of Kriya Yoga are for everyone.
Feel free to join our online offerings on Energization Exercises, Guided meditaions in English and Hindi, Healing Prayers, Kirtan, Book Study – Bhagawad Gita and Autobiography of a Yogi,Satsang and much more…
Currently all our offerings are through facebook.
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The Power of Meditation

Based on the survey conducted *

  • Stress Level
    Reduced  55 %

  •  Depression
    Reduced  63 %

  • Energy Level
    Increased 51 %

  • Self Awareness
    Increased  64 %

* This survey was conducted during the month of October-November 2019 , 78% respondents were in the 24 to 54 years age group, 56% were females and 44% males and belong to various professions such as Business and Financial Operations, Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media, Management Professionals, Education and Training and Medical.

Spiritual Counselling at Ananda is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda and given by our Spiritual Directors, Tyagi Shurjo and Tyagi Narayani. Book now

In Divine Friendship

What We Offer

Meditation & Kriya Yoga

Learn meditation techniques as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.
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Ananda Yoga®

Join Ananda Yoga Classes — Meditation in Movement.
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Healing Prayers

Share and receive healing prayers through tools and techniques given by Paramhansa Yogananda
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Chanting and Music

Join our kirtan and chanting sessions, harmonium lessons or our new choir.
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Children’s Sunday Activities

Let your child enjoy activities that are designed to encourage curiosity, build character, strength, wisdom and empathy and more.
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Family Evenings

To bond and expand our love and deep appreciation for our larger spiritual family.
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At Ananda, we often express our inner experience of God’s presence, outwardly as well, through simple, beautiful, and uplifting ceremonies.
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Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops based on the nonsectarian principles of yoga and meditation.
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Astrological Bangles

The three metal astrological bangles are made using certified 99.99% pure gold, silver & copper metals in the exact combination, structure & proportions specified by Yukteswarji. Know More


Touch of Light Blog

Autobiography of a Yogi

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Joy of Giving

If you have been touched in your own journey, by a talk, a prayer, a song, a class, a book, a video, and course, please consider making a donation so that we, as a family, may all continue to reach souls everywhere.

Thank you for being a part of this community of souls who support each other on the path to God.

[Donations to Ananda Sangha are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the IT Act, 1961]


From the Heart

Testimonials from Truth-Seekers

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