In 2017, Ananda Sangha was recognized by the United Nations through its Ambassador Peace Award for its efforts to bring peace and harmony in the world. Ananda Sangha’s mission, since 1969, has been to spread the ancient and scientific teachings of Meditation into practical application in daily life. 

Why Should You Support Us?

Research has pointed out to the harmful effects of modern lifestyle which include higher levels of stress and mental states of anxiety and depression. This has a direct and harmful impact on the social fabric. What are we trying to do through this initiative? 

  • Reduction in stress, fear, anger, loneliness, competition, unhealthy lifestyle 
  • Support in the search for a meaningful life
  • Guidance to reconnect with self
  • Overcome negative habits
  • Embrace Meditation

Ananda has made substantial impact on society in the last five decades across the world and over a decade in India by sharing Meditation and Yoga with millions of seekers. Internal survey in Ananda has shown that meditation had a major positive impact on their personal, professional and social life. Meditation has helped people to lead healthier lives with less stress, anxiety, depression, negativity and more energy, compassion &  tolerance towards others.

How to Support Us?

1) Support us to educate more people through workshops

2) Support us to reach people through online campaigns

3) Support us to implement an online meditation course through your existing CSR projects.

Employee Wellness Program: Ananda offers time and tested tools of meditation in the form of a 7-Day online course for all employees of Essar. Meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, negativity. It increases energy level and Self awareness of employees. We also offer Ananda music for Essar employees which uplifts moods, increases harmony & co-operation and eases pain.

To know more about the Ananda Meditation practice for employees, please click here 

Outcome of this Support on Individuals

In 2019 we conducted a survey of Ananda meditation practitioners. 56% of Ananda members interviewed were females and 44% males. 78% respondents were in the age group of 25 to 54 years and 78% were working professionals.

They were asked to rate themselves on how they felt before they started meditating compared to how they felt now (after regular practise). 

We found the impact on those who meditate regularly on the following parameters:


  • 64% experienced an increase Self-Awareness
  • 51% reported higher energy levels
  • 46% reported increased involvement and motivation at work
  • 39% reported a positive impact on concentration and focus on work
  • 33% respondents increased their productivity at work
  • 41% improved their interpersonal relationships


  • 55% reported lower stress levels
  • 61% reported feeling less anxious and depressed

Impact of Meditation on Society

  • 44% rise in involvement in charity and social causes and a 41% increase in Environmental Consciousness after they started meditating. 
  • 36% rise in belief in the goodness of people
  • 33% rise in tolerance of people of different faiths

A more detailed report is available upon request.

Meditation is not only good for individuals but meditation has an impact on the society. Ananda Sangha believes that it is NOW that we can bring about a real change in our lives and environment.

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