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Meditate more and more deeply, until calmness and joy become second nature to you.
-Paramhansa Yogananda

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Learn Energization Exercises

We are made of energy. Becoming aware of our energy; learning to direct it at will; and understanding the laws that attract a greater flow of energy, are all essential parts of living a happier life. The energization exercises of Yogananda takes the practice of energy awareness and directing the will a step further.
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Learn to Meditate

Meditation. We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all thought about doing it. We definitely know others who do it, and swear by it. Sometimes it sounds a little too good to be true: the magic pill for all our problems. However, no one really understands it. What does it do, really? How does it change and transform us?

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Happiness Now

Happiness Now, is a weekly podcast series, produced by Chhitra Subramaniam and Mansi Jain. In Season 1, they interview Narayani & Shurjo, where they share Paramhansa Yogananda’s wisdom and meditations on various practical subjects like happiness, intuition, food, transformation, money, and more.

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